Did you know that within three days, the world’s elevators will carry the equivalent of the earth’s population?

We understand the dependency on elevators. They are in use every day. Most people might be surprised at the number of trips an elevator can log routinely. In many cases, it is comparable to driving your car 100,000 miles or more each year.

ICE provides preventive elevator maintenance programs that can reduce unexpected downtimes and frustrating disruptions to your operations. Incorporating a planned maintenance program can also help avoid major replacements of parts and prolong the life of your elevator. By initiating such programs, our technicians can keep your elevator operating smoothly and efficiently, even those elevators employed in a harsh industrial setting.

Let one of our knowledgeable elevator service techs help ensure that your elevators, escalators and other vertical transportation systems are operating as they should and are being properly maintained. Often, addressing a potential problem during a routine maintenance check can help avoid costly repairs down the road.