ICE is not only in the elevator business, but in the customer satisfaction business as well.

Everything we do is targeted to customer satisfaction. Moreover, this commitment to customer satisfaction is no overnight promise. It is a long-term commitment demonstrated over the past four decades in the elevator industry. And we ensure such satisfaction by providing quality equipment, experienced service professionals, and a timely response. Other elevator companies may boast of a nationwide reach or being the largest in the industry. Being a small business, however, we can stay focused on your individual project, giving you our undivided attention. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

At ICE, customers regularly tell us the service we provide is always a cut above the rest.

Company management has built loyal, long-standing relationships with the industry’s leading solution providers and suppliers. Plus, we maintain a fully stocked warehouse of parts and employ state-of-the-art non-proprietary products. By using non-proprietary equipment, building owners are afforded more flexibility and can’t be held hostage by an OEM or a particular elevator installer.

Put simply, we recognize that our customers have a choice of service suppliers, and that we will be the first choice only by consistently and reliably providing what they need, when they need it.

Quality Assurance

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ― Henry Ford

There is a dedication at ICE we don’t think you’ll find at most other companies in our business. It’s our total dedication to quality.

We are a company dedicated to quality from top to bottom. We understand that our products and services as well as our people must perform to exacting standards to earn your business. That’s why we built an organization with quality service as our number one priority.

At ICE, we are driven by customer requirements, and we use the tools of the quality process to meet or exceed these requirements.

At ICE, we recognize that quality is an informed and knowledgeable inside staff ready to assist customers in product selection, system design and installation, as well as other service and maintenance questions.

At ICE, we believe that quality is also a group of technicians each working with our customers, one on one, helping to find optimum solutions to their most critical vertical transportation needs.