Industrial Commercial Elevator (ICE) is a full-service elevator company employing the best professionally trained elevator technicians and apprentices in the industry and an administrative and sales team with a combined 125 years of experience.


Company Profile

Industrial Commercial Elevator (ICE) is a full-service elevator company employing the best professionally trained elevator technicians and apprentices in the industry and an administrative and sales team with a combined 125 years of experience. Established in 1975 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ICE also serves the West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky areas.

We are a family-owned business with expertise in all areas of the elevator and escalator industry: installation, modification, maintenance and service. In addition to elevators and escalators, we service and maintain other products in the vertical transportation market, including stairlifts, dumbwaiters, inclined platform lifts and wheelchair lifts. Our commercial customers include office buildings, shopping malls, retail establishments, medical facilities and academic institutions, along with restaurants, theaters, high-rise apartments/condominiums and private homes. Industrial customers include power plants, coal mines and steel mills.

As industry veterans, as well as industry code compliance experts, we are uniquely positioned to craft solutions to meet all your vertical transportation needs, and we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and responsive elevator company in the region. We provide the experience and expertise you might find at a larger company, but we are able to offer you the personal, customized service you might not find at a larger company. With our talented, experienced and diverse team of experts and our manufacturing and supply partners, we are “Geared to Serve Your Needs.”

We invite you to take some time to read about our company, its people, products and services.


Industrial Commercial Elevator was founded in 1975 by Raymond “Ray” Gielarowski, Sr. Ray began his career in the industry working as a union elevator mechanic. After working several years in the field and having earned the reputation as one of the very best elevator technicians in the industry, Ray decided to venture out on his own. Combining his elevator skills with his ‘gift of gab’ and his innate business skills, Ray started Industrial Elevator with one truck, a set of tools, and one employee. Not lacking in confidence by any means, Ray knew he could be successful by providing customers with outstanding customer service that could not be matched.

Soon, Ray’s sons, Stephen Gielarowski, Sr. and Raymond Gielarowski, Jr. joined the family business. Steve studied Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University and, at the encouragement of his parents, learned the value of hard work by working as a coal miner during his summer breaks, before eventually coming home to help run the business. Always eager to learn, Steve continued his education at Robert Morris University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Steve also sits on the Safety Board of the Department of Labor and Industry, where he actively participates in the review and discussion of key safety issues facing the ever-changing vertical transportation industry.

Raymond Jr., or JR as most call him, started working in the industry immediately after high school, honing his skills in the trade and making him the elevator and escalator expert he is today. JR works closely each day with his team of experienced mechanics and union apprentices, supervising and advising on troubleshooting issues so as to ensure customers get the reliable service ICE is known for providing. Customers know that when it comes to service, they can count on JR and his team to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems they might face.

Both brothers proudly joined the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC Local #6) and worked in the field for many years, gaining valuable hands-on experience by servicing, maintaining, and installing a wide variety of elevator and escalator equipment. Nowadays, together, Steve and JR lead a team of sales and office personnel and an average of 33 employees, running a successful business and providing customers with high-quality products and best-in-industry services.

A third generation has also joined ICE. In 2017, Steve’s son, Stephen Jr., received his degree in Finance from West Virginia University. He quickly took interest in the elevator world, as it seems to run in the family’s blood, and joined the IUEC. Stephen is currently working towards finishing his certified training with NEIEP (National Elevator Industry Education Program). His formal college education combined with IUEC training and on-the-job experience will prove to make Stephen an integral part of the company’s future.

At Industrial Commercial Elevator, we understand that customer satisfaction is a top priority–our success has been built on this principal since 1975. We want to assure you that with our experience, committed team and passion for elevators, you will have made a great decision by choosing ICE for your next project. As we say here at ICE, we are “Geared to Serve Your Needs.”

Experienced, Trained and Responsive Staff

ICE is founded on the principle that we are “Geared to Serve Your Needs.” It is our commitment to this philosophy and our people’s ability, knowledge and responsiveness that makes ICE the #1 choice for our customers.

We have earned a reputation in the commercial and industrial elevator marketplace through outstanding technical expertise, flawless attention to detail, total commitment to quality and excellence in customer service.

Our office staff comprises over 100 years’ experience in the elevator industry, while our skilled, IUEC-trained technical personnel average 35 years’ experience. What’s more, our technicians undergo continual industry training to acquire the latest info in elevator service technology, enabling them to work on all types of elevator and other vertical transportation equipment. By attracting and retaining high quality technicians, we are able to provide the utmost in service.

In addition to our technicians’ and apprentices’ in-depth knowledge of the elevator industry, several are also college graduates who opted to work in the elevator trade once earning their professional degrees. We are also proud to have as part of our team veterans in each of the four branches of our armed services—Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Commercial Elevators

Did you know that the Roman Colosseum had 24 elevators that were manually operated by over 200 individuals?

From schools to churches, medical and dental clinics to recreation centers, retirement homes to entertainment venues and most public structures in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, you must provide access to your building. And all building owners face challenges when it comes to ease of access for everyone. Whether you operate a multi-level shopping mall or an office building, you cannot do so without an elevator or wheelchair lift

Moreover, a successful elevator or accessibility lift improves not only access in your building, but also raises the value of your property.

At ICE, we will work with you to identify and define your commercial elevator needs and present options to solve any accessibility challenges. That means our customer service team is on hand to answer your questions. And our licensed technicians are highly trained to install, repair, update and modernize your commercial elevators, quickly and efficiently.

Call us today for information on passenger and freight elevators, ADA and fire service upgrades, door equipment and cab interiors.

Industrial Elevators

Did you know that the first written record of elevator comes from 3rd century BC Greece? That simple elevator was invented by the mathematician Archimedes.

In the real world, it isn’t enough to stand up to everyday use, you’ve got to survive everyday abuse, too. We understand the demands of industrial environments.

Whether it’s a power plant, steel mill, coal mine or other manufacturing facility, we recognize that your elevators must work in these demanding conditions. Fact is, an elevator that is not operating effectively can cause costly downtime and unsafe conditions for your employees. That’s why we’re readily available 24 hours a day to service and repair your elevators to assure their reliability and safety.

What’s more, ICE provides value-added elevator services to include on-site technical assistance, emergency repair and fully developed maintenance programs.

One more thing. We make sure that your industrial elevators meet or exceed the corresponding ANSI and OSHA standards where required.