Do your elevators meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Our experts can evaluate your elevator system and let you know if any changes are required for code compliance.

You may worry that you need to invest in a whole new elevator but, frequently, that is not always the case. ICE can provide upgrades tailored to your existing elevator to make it compliant with safety regulations and fire codes. Such upgrades can also help ensure reliability, smoothness, quietness of ride and aesthetics.

Modernization also eliminates old, unreliable technologies and outdated equipment that could be costing you money. Today’s energy-efficient equipment could save you money. Let our experts evaluate your situation and help you decide whether you need to consider replacing individual components or whether your best choice is a package solution.

Modernization not only improves the safety and efficiency of your building, it can also guarantee that your tenants and visitors get a positive impression of your building. A cosmetic upgrade to your commercial elevator cab is a cost-effective way to raise the value and competitiveness of your building.

Let ICE bring your existing elevator into the modern age!